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Guest Portable Battery Charger - 10 Amp

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Guest Portable Battery Charger - 10 Amp

Price: $182.95
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Guest Charge Pro 10 amp 3-stage fully automatic electronic single output charger designed to recharge Wet Cell, AGM, and Gel batteries. WATERPROOF, Shock & Vibration Resistant, Lightweight (LESS THAN 5 POUNDS), compact charger design, charges and maintains batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickled chargers.

Recommended uses: Bulk charge of Flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries under 125 amp hours and Charge/ Maintenance of batteries partially discharged up to 250 amp hours. Some popular applications are Auto, Marine, RV, Generators, Industrial etc. # GU2612A


3 Stage electronic design
LED Charge Status
Completely Automatic "plug it in and forget it"
Charge and Long Term Battery Maintenance "will never overcharge batteries"
Waterproof and Silent
Vibration Proof and Shockproof
Lightweight under 5 pounds
Input AC Cord 6 feet long
Alligator clamp output with 4 foot cord
Waterproof & Easy Install
Optimal 3 Step Charging
Built-in Mode Indicators
Spark Free Hook Up
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over Voltage Protected
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Thermal Protection
2 year Warranty

Guest Portable Battery Charger - 10 Amp

Code: 2612A
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lb.
Brand: Guest
Battery Maintenance And Chargers
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