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L.B. Huntington Original Drone Spoon - Drone 1

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L.B. Huntington Original Drone Spoon - Drone 1

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Fishing The Drone Spoon

To rig the bait properly, use a light but strong gauge of wire or monofilament for a leader. Attach the leader to the ring in the bait making certain to leave a small loop in the leader so tat the ring may move freely. Fasten the other end of the leader to a swivel

Usually some weight is required. For trolling this may be in the form of a swivel sinker of one to sixteen ounces or one of the five sizes of DRONE Planers rigged between the leader and the line.

The best method for determining the proper speed is to troll the bait along side the boat where its action can be watched while varying the speed of the boat. At the proper speed the Drone can be seen and felt to wobble in a vigorous and erratic fashion. If the speed is too slow it will wobble but will not be erratic as it will be at the proper speed. drone Spoons are made in thirteen sizes with a wide variety of color combinations suitable for fresh or salt water.

L.B. Huntington Original Drone Spoon - Drone 1

Code: DRONE1
Shipping Weight: 0.20 lb.
Brand: LB Huntington
UPC: 053451000303
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