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Bagley Gem Casting Spoon - Gold - 1/2 oz

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Bagley Gem Casting Spoon - Gold - 1/2 oz

Price: $3.95
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When it comes to inshore fishing lures, the gold spoon is tried and true. Of course, just as with any fishing lure, the spoon has a time and a place for use that is most suitable for it to be effective. Some question the quality of his gold spoon when fishing with it over and over again for redfish yields poor results. Under the assumption that the gold spoon is a redfish catching wonder, he asks if his gold spoon may be defective. Here are some helpful pointers that may bring his gold spoon to life, noting that retrieval speed, light conditions, and how the spoon is rigged all play major roles in how effective it will actually be when placed in the water.

“There is some good advice given. I always use a swivel and usually significant wrist action to make the spoon dart, flutter, and sink. The amount and speed of wrist action depends on the depth and weed presence. Quick snaps of the wrist clear a lot of weeds.”

• Try Split Shot ties on feathers to the end of this spoons to make them a little more enticing.

Bagley Gem Casting Spoon - Gold - 1/2 oz

Code: P-SS12-G
Shipping Weight: 0.20 lb.
Brand: Bagley
UPC: 050552501081
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