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Savage Gear 3D TPE Sandeel

This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural sand eel imitation. The sand eel is a favorite snack of many predator fish. These soft-bodied swimbait lures have a strike-enticing swimming action that ...... More Details

Savage Gear 3D TPE Crab

Created using 3D scans for an ultra-realistic appearance, the Savage Gearฎ TPE 3D Crab is made from super-durable TPE plastic. The 3D Crab can stand up to any predator that crosses its path. Each crab ...... More Details
$4.95 - $5.95

Savage Gear 3D TPE Manic Shrimp

New For This Year Inshore saltwater sport fish see more specialized angling pressure today than any time in History. For this reason Savage Gear set out to make one of the most life-like shrimp bait ...... More Details

Z Man Grass KickerZ

DESCRIPTION Grass KickerZ sport an oversized paddle tail that creates an aggressive swimming action, and tapered nose and slim profile ideal for fishing over and around heavy surface cover. Featu ...... More Details

C&H Lures Sand Eel - Black - SE3BK

The C&H Sand Eel has become one of the best kept secrets for catching game fish. The paddle tail helps it swim at if it were alive fooling game fish into striking. Works well in fresh and salt water a ...... More Details

Boone Weber Style Skirt

Our heavy duty skirts are colorful, tapered and easy to work with. They are designed for small or large lures and baits. 05631 05662 05644 05686 05633 05692 05786 05744 05760 ...... More Details
$2.95 - $10.95

Boone Squid Skirts

All Boone Squid Skirts are made using the highest quality and softest US-made vinyl. Each Squid Skirt features Boone's famous Super Glo Eyes. Virtually all saltwater game fish show a pronounced taste ...... More Details
$1.95 - $5.95

Tsunami 9" New Swim Shad - Black Back - SS9T-3

• Fish attracting colors with holographic effect • Rigged and ready with Premium Mustad Hooks • Ultra soft body with built in lead head • Life like three dimensional eyes • Controlled sinking ...... More Details

Tsunami Holographic Squid - ths

• Tougher formulation • 3D Holographic Eyes • Through-body rigging tube • Molded-in holographic foil • Use on trolling rigs, umbrella rigs, dredges, jigs HSQ4-6-1 HSQ4-6-29 HSQ6-6-1 HSQ6-6 ...... More Details

Tsunami Pro Holographic Swim Baits - Split Tail Minnow - tpstm

• Fish attracting colors with holographic effect • Rigged and ready with premium Mustad Ultra Point hooks • Ultra soft body with built in lead head • Lifelike three dimensional eyes • ...... More Details

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft - mss

The Magic Swimmer Soft is a jointed soft plastic bait that swims as good as the original Magic Swimmer hardbait, Plus it can be rigged weedless. Intricate details and realistic swimming action bring t ...... More Details

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Pogy - GSPG3-PW

Plastic-Free Natural Live Bait Taste • Outfishes live bait • Disperses scent and flavor better than live bait • More exciting action and colors than live bait • 100% Natural ingredien ...... More Details

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Shrimp

Plastic-Free Natural Live Bait Taste • The Next Generation Soft Bait • 100% Natural (its not plastic) • Revolutionary Scent Trail • Like a blood trail in the water • 100% Biograda ...... More Details

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Swimming Mullet - GSSM-YE

Features • Each bait suspends in powerful Gulp! attractant • Natural presentation in action, scent, and taste • Great on jigs, dropshot, and live bait rings • For both saltwater and fr ...... More Details