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Tormentor Mini Tuna Dart Steel Head Chain - MTDSHC

This is the same as the Mini Tuna Dart/Bone Head chain, but has a Steel Head Hook Bait instead of the Bone Head. Super rig!!! Incredible little bait great for Tuna Fishing! I personally hooked the ...... More Details

C&H Lures Rattle Jet

• Use plain or combine with natural bait including: Ballyhoo, Cigar Minnow or Strip-bait. • Professionally rigged with 6 ft. of 100 lb. mono and a 7/0 ring eye hook. • Must have lure for Dolphin ...... More Details

C&H Lures Tuna Tango

The C&H Tuna Tango was designed to run straight and deep. With the weighted head the Tuna Tango is ideal for use in rough seas and high speeds. Mono Rig (RR) - Rigged with six feet of 100 lbs. ...... More Details

C&H Lures Bling Teasers - 3 Pack

Works great on gamefish like tuna, wahoo and dolphin. Ideal use trolling in front of the C&H Sand Eel. Comes 3 lures per pack. • Length - 3" BL1 BL18 BL22 BL31 ...... More Details

C&H Lures King Buster - 3 Pack

The C&H King Buster is a deadly weapon for tournament fishermen. Using them with strip rig, cigar minnow, or rigged in front of a live bait, will improve action, add color and increase strikes. • ...... More Details

Sea Striker Cedar Plugs

Sea Striker Cedar Plugs are the #1 tuna fish lure on the East Coast and are catching on fast around the world. Made of the highest quality red cedar, this lure is great for all gamefish. • Rigged ...... More Details

Koppers Live Target Life Like Lures

The LiveTarget Spanish Mackeral is as close to fishing live bait as it gets. The elongated body, intricate head detail, and wide wobble action, drive Grouper, Kingfish, and other saltwater gamefish in ...... More Details
$16.95 - $20.95

Boone Mahi Jet

Mahi Jet produces a fish attracting rattling sound and highly visible bubble trail that causes striking fish to charge the bait. Mahi Jet can be fished plain or with cigar minnows, ballyhoo, or strip ...... More Details

Boone Tuna Treat

The Tuna Treat™ is an impressive tuna, dolphin, wahoo, sailfish and yellowtail lure. Rigged with a 3407SS hook and 100 lb mono leader. Deadly on all fish at all speeds. Tuna Treat™ can be fished with ...... More Details

Boone Gatlin Jet

Troll the Gatlin-Jet at speeds from 4 knots to 12 knots. Use with or without natural bait or strips. Gatlin-Jet has 17 holesand produces a huge fish attracing bubble trail. ◘ Great for M ...... More Details

Boone Dolphin Rig

The Dolphin Rig is a great dolphin, tuna, wahoo and yellowtail lure. Rigged with a mustad 3407 SS hook and heavy nylon coated wire leader using quality crimps and swivel. Deadly on all fish at all spe ...... More Details

Boone All Eye

All Eye is an all purpose lure that can be rigged with ballyhoo, cigar minnow, strip bait or used with live bait. The perfect lure for improving natural bait action and adding color to your lure sprea ...... More Details

Boone Birds 9 1/2"

Boone is still the maker of one of the best performing birds on the market. The body is manufactured with extremely dense urethane foam to prevent water absorption. Stainless steel through-wire constr ...... More Details

Boone 5 Bird Daisy Chain

Our 5 Bird Daisy chain simulates a school of fish that the bigger monsters can't resist. They are rigged with 11' of 300 lb mono leader. 55887 55811 ...... More Details

Boone Turbo Hammer

Turbo Hammer produces a fish attracting visible smoke trail that causes striking fish to nail the bait. Turbo Hammer can be fished plain or with cigar minnows, ballyhoo or strip bait. ◘ ...... More Details

Halco Giant Trembler Lure

Rattling, bibless lure with a weighted body of 4 1/2 oz. Saltwater trolling at speeds of 2 to 12 knots to a depth of 6 1/2 foot plus. If the lure tracks right at speed, you will need to adjust the tow ...... More Details

Halco Laser Pro 190DD

The latest in lure technology incorporating strength, durability and fish catching ability. The outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points that are built in as an integral part of th ...... More Details
$13.95 $13.95

Iland Lures Sea Star Series

This revolutionary head design channels water and air through the head and disperses it around the lure's skirt. Best with natural baits and trolled at speeds between 5 and 8.5 knots. The Sea Star mea ...... More Details

Iland Lures Sailure Series

An ultra-light, conical nose design for slow to medium trolling speeds. Sensational in front of natural bait or artificial ballyhoo. The Sailure measures 5 1/2 inches, weighs 1/2 ounce and is generall ...... More Details

Iland Lures Tracker Series

Special Features Iland Tracker features a bullet head design, which creates less drag, straight tracking and no spinning. Tournament proven Nylon fiber skirts offer unmatched effectiveness and durab ...... More Details