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Cajun Thunder Cigar Floats

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Cajun Thunder Cigar Floats

Price: $3.95
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Cajun Thunder's solid brass beads will allow you to cast further with lighter artificial lures. Live bait can be presented on a weight free leader. The splashing and loud clicking noise, Bait Click, createdby Cajun Thunder's brass and magnum plastic beads will attract fish from a great distance. It is deadly on a variety of salt and fresh water game fish including: Redfish, Snook, Trout, Mackeral, Cobia, Tarpon and Bass.

Fish Cajun Thunder with an artificial lure, a jig and soft plastic bait, a bucktail or a hard plastic jerk bait. Cajun thunder also works well with live bait.

Directions: Attach an 18 to 24 inch leader with an artificial lure or bait to the swivel on the brass beaded end of the Cajun Thunder with plastic beads. Cast and retrieve with sharp pulls of your rod. This popping action will make a loud clicking noise and cause erratic movement of your artificial lure or bait, which will attract and excite fish into striking.
Code: ctcf
Brand: Cajun Thunder

Cajun Thunder - Sunglo Cigar



Cajun Thunder - Green Cigar



Cajun Thunder - Pink Cigar