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Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader

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Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader

Price: $12.95 - $19.95
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With more than a decade of producing camouflage monofilament and leader material, HI-SEAS is proud to introduce the next step in line invisibility with new HI-SEAS fluorocarbon - the first fluorocarbon good enough to carry the HI-SEAS name! It's made from 100 percent polyvinylidene fluoride and extruded using a cutting edge technology that gives it just the right combination of properties to make it the finest leader material you can buy. packaged in generous 25 yard lengths and priced to make performance affordable. get invisible with new HI-SEAS 100 percent fluorocarbon!
Code: hsfl
Brand: Hi-Seas

Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader - 30lb. 25 Yards Clear



Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader - 40lb. 25 Yards Clear



Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader - 50lb. 25 Yards Clear



Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader - 60lb. 25 Yards Clear



Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader - 80lb. 25 Yards Clear